The Fan Seven Year Itch

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my debut blog, and thank you for stopping by.

As a huge fan of TWD, I go online to see memes, other blogs, generally check out what other people are saying about the latest episodes. Seems a lot of fans aren’t thrilled with the first half of Season 7. Complaints include: the Neegan head bashing was too violent, they shouldn’t have killed Glenn, the characters shouldn’t have been separated so much, Neegan’s one-liners are getting old, there are too many new characters, there are boring episodes, there are not enough appearances by fan favorites, and not wanting to see Rick’s group get so stomped on. With all of this, I am wondering–are fans experiencing a 7-year itch?

The seven-year-itch concept says that couples in a marriage will hit a tough spot at around year 7 and start wondering if they made the right decision. Do I want to be with this person? Is this what I expected it to be? Is it worth the trouble? So maybe, fans are going through the same thing! We’ve been with this show a long time–there’s bound to be times when it’s not completely roses and champagne (or katanas and filtered creek water). We had the honeymoon, decided we wanted a long-term-relationship, and got married. Now, we need to know how to weather the rough spots.

And the good news is–experts say it’s possible to make it through! Here are some ideas:

1. Find the friendship again. We all started out as best friends with TWD. Remember what that was like. Talk about it with other fans! Fans are also friends with each other, so connect with them (in person, if possible).

2. Be honest and fight fair. There’s nothing wrong with hitting a rough spot. It doesn’t mean we want to check out! Be direct and honest (but not unkind).

3. Remember why we got together in the first place. How did we come to watch TWD? When did you see your first episode? What got us hooked? What was the first meme/blog you saw or purchase you made? (For me, it was the calendar.)

4. Remember the good things now. Even though some folks haven’t been happy about these last 8 episodes, we can take some time to remember what we liked about the first half of season 7. What worked?

5. Remember that the other person has worked hard for us, too, and is probably not deliberately intending to make us upset. We have no idea what the writers/directors/producers have in mind for the rest of the season, or for season 8. If there are big battles coming with several small communities, we have to be introduced to those communities before just throwing them into the battle mix. The last half of this season may be just to lay the groundwork so we know who’s who in the episodes coming up.

We all love TWD, and no relationship is perfect all the time. I’m sure we’ll look back and see this as just a minor bump in an otherwise beautiful friendship!