There are many very poignant deaths in The Walking Dead, but these stand out both because the characters were good people, and because of the wonderful job done by the actors in playing these scenes.

Lori, The Killer Within (304)

Hershel, Too Far Gone (408)

Bob, Four Walls and a Roof (503)

Tyreese, What Happened and What’s Going On (509)

No, Glenn did not make this list of 4.  If it was a list of 10, Glenn’s death would definitely be on it.  I didn’t include Glenn because after he had escaped near-death so many times, it was almost expected that Negan’s bat would be aimed at him. It was almost “about time” that he couldn’t get out of a jam.

Steven Yeun did a wonderful job in the entire sequence where the group was held by Negan.  A horrifying end was given special meaning with Glenn’s line, after he can barely speak, “Maggie, I will find you.”  It makes me wonder if we will see Glenn in spirit.  I would cheer for that!