All TWD characters are always under threat, and many have faced death several times.  But Glenn, I believe, has ripped life out of the jaws of death (literal jaws) more than anyone else.  Here is a list, in chronological order. I did not include the times that other people were in equal danger along with him–only those where it was just Glenn.

1. Cherokee Rose (204)


Glenn’s first near-death experience is in the well at Hershel’s farm.  The most unbelievable part of this scene for me was not that the group was able to pull him up, but that somehow, in the midst of his panic, he was able to put the noose around the walker.  Oh, well.

2. When the Dead Come Knocking (307)


This was a great scene, with Glenn tied to a chair and locked in a room with a walker in Woodbury. I loved Glenn’s primal scream of anger and frustration after he defeated the walker.

3. Internment (405)


Glenn almost dies from the flu at the prison.

4.  Inmates (410)


The small spot of orange in the middle is Glenn wearing the orange backpack.  Yes, he had the police assault suit on, and yes he probably had major adrenaline running. Still, that is a lot of walkers to be surrounded by.

5.   No Sanctuary (501)


OK, the others were in danger, too.  But Glenn almost got whacked twice here, and if Gareth hadn’t interrupted bat guy with a question about shot counts, or if Carol’s rocket launch had happened only seconds later, Glenn would have been dead.  This is also one of several teasers of the Glenn and bats relationship.

6. The Distance (511)

Photo-Glenn in Woods on way to Alexandria.JPG

In dark, unfamiliar woods, walkers in front of him, walkers behind him, and finally a walker on top of him.

7. Conquer (516)

Photo-Fight w Nicholas in Woods.JPG

Nicholas shoots him, fights him, and leaves him for walkers. Glenn gets away, ends up catching Nicholas, spares him and they go back to Alexandria together.

8. Thank You (603)


The dumpster.  ‘Nuff said.

9. No Way Out (608)


Almost overwhelmed by a mob of zombies against the Alexandria wall while he was trying to draw them away from Maggie.


Glenn ran out of lives.  The next time, it isn’t a close call, it is the sad end of Glenn’s life at the hands of  Negan.