The Walking Dead has wonderful actors. When those wonderful actors deliver wonderful lines in wonderful monologues, the result is truly memorable. Here are my 6 favorites. Again, tough to make a list of only six, and there are others that are also great.

This Isn’t a Democracy Anymore, given by Andrew Lincoln, Beside the Dying Fire (213)

The beginning of the Ricktatorship. Classic.

Lori’s Goodbye to Carl, given by Sarah Wayne Callies, The Killer Within (304)

This is so sad, it makes me cry every time I see it. Andrew Lincoln’s response to finding out about Lori’s death is also excellent acting.

I See Red, given by Lennie James, Clear (312)


Morgan in his semi-insane phase talking about how Duane died.

We Are the Greater Good, given by Andrew Lincoln, This Sorrowful Life (315)

The end of the Ricktatorship.

I Always Lock the Doors at Night, given by Seth Gilliam, Four Walls and a Roof (503)


Brilliant speech by Seth Gilliam. Couldn’t find a clip.

People Like Me, They Can Live, given by Chad Coleman, What Happened and What’s Going On (509)

Another one that makes me cry every time I see it.  I miss Tyreese!