The top three, most vile villains on the show.

1. Joe, Leader of the Claimers


Joe is on the list because his evil deeds are so random.  He and his gang didn’t kill the most people, but they were looking to hurt and kill people just for the pure enjoyment of it.  He wasn’t trying to build anything, just roaming the country on a violent rampage.

2. Gareth, Leader of Terminus


Luring people, capturing them, cutting their throats and cannibalizing them definitely makes the list. Not to mention eating Bob’s leg in front of him. Also, Gareth uses rigid order to keep his system going smoothly.  He knows how many bullets were used at each “roundup” and keeps track of how long it takes to get the victims from death to up hanging on the “dryers”.  He runs a highly organized horror camp.  Definitely on the list.

3. Negan.

‘Nuff said.